privacy policy

1. General
2. Terms and conditions

3. Purposes of information processing
The Site Administration processes information on the Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the Site Administration’s obligations to the Users regarding use of the Site and its services.

4. User information
5. Processing of the user information

User’s rights and obligations

7. Users’ information protection measures

8. Limitation of the Rules applicability
These Rules do not apply to the actions and Internet resources of third parties.

The Site Administration bears no liability for the actions of third parties which as the result of using the Internet or the Site Services obtained access to the User information in accordance with the confidentiality level selected by the User, for the consequences of use of the information which, due to the Site nature, is available to any Internet user. The Site Administration recommends that the Users take a responsible approach to the scope of their information posted on the Site.

9. Users’ inquiries